Fun Things You Can Do With Personalized Bobbleheads

Children love bobbleheads, but they are much more than just basic wiggly toys. They have gradually begun to become more well-known among adults as well. When you’re feeling like a kid again and want to try new activities,

customised bobbleheads can be the perfect solution. Your bobblehead can be used for fun and pranks in addition to being a fantastic gift idea.

Therefore, if you are bored and are unsure of what to do with your bobbleheads, here are some options.

  1. Joke on Your Teacher:

To pull off this prank on someone else, you would need the assistance of a teacher. Choose those that like a good time and wouldn’t mind a few random pranks. You must get the support of all of your classmates or college friends for this strategy to succeed. Order customised bobbleheads for each person featuring an outfit they frequently wear.

You must now take the initiative to make a bobblehead of the target teacher. Wait for the delivery to come after you have finished ordering. Depending on the size of the order, this could take three days to a week or longer. Plan with the second instructor who is participating in this prank after the package has arrived. While you and your classmates arrange each of the bobbleheads in its proper location, ask him or her to keep an eye on the teacher to be pranked.

Put the teacher’s bobblehead in their customary seat at the desk. Now, as the teacher enters the classroom, wait somewhere you can’t be seen. You might try setting up one or two cameras in the room to make sure you completely record your teacher’s reaction. When your teacher discovers that there are bobbleheads on the desks rather than actual humans, he or she will be shocked.

  1. Terrify Your Neighbor:

Scaring your buddy or roommate is a successful variation on the practical joke. You need to involve some of your pals in the situation and explain everything to them in order to do this. For group study, organize a gathering at your house or invite some friends over. Before you proceed, request that everyone of your pals acquire a customized bobblehead sporting the same outfit they intend to wear to the get-together at your house. Once they’re finished, you must repeat the process and keep the bobbleheads prepared for the day.

Make sure the person you want to prank is not able to see them at any point after all of your pals have arrived with their bobbleheads. Place them in a secure location. Start telling spooky stories to each other right away, and make sure the target of your prank is paying close attention. Insert a story about all the characters in the story turning into dolls in the middle of the storytelling session. Ask your companion to bring you tea or something else that will take some time once the storytelling session is ended.

Put the dolls where you were seated as quickly as possible, then go hide somewhere your friend can’t see you. A camera should be strategically placed to catch your friend’s astonishment when they return and discover that you have all transformed into dolls. This is undoubtedly a terrifying thought and a fantastic prank to pull on a buddy or roommate.

Three. The Meeting Joke:

The easiest technique to prank a slacker at work if you are annoyed by them is to utilize customized bobbleheads. Bring your teammates along for the joke and request that they each have a bobblehead created of their likeness. They must alter it to match the clothing they intend to wear on the day the joke is to be played. Notify the slacker of the meeting and keep stressing to him how important the agenda is. Try to persuade him that missing the meeting actually cost him his job. This will guarantee that he shows up at the scheduled meeting time.

Start placing the bobbleheads where you would sit, with the supervisor’s bobblehead at the center chair, an hour before the time specified to the target of the joke. Playing a recording with your sounds of addressing a pressing agenda will, if possible, add some realism. The slacker will arrive in the meeting room on time if there are appropriate sounds of others talking. As soon as the meeting is ready, quickly let the other person know. All they will see when they walk into the room is bobbleheads. If you have access to a concealed camera or the room’s CCTV system, you can watch his or her response.


Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your customized bobbleheads, follow these steps. With these adorable little bobbleheads, you can frighten, startle, or leave them in a state of awe. Why then wait? Start preparing your elaborate prank by ordering your bobblehead right away. Remember that none of your pranks should be cruel. By fostering memories that allow you to laugh together over the ridiculousness and folly of the circumstance, pranks are a great way to bring people together.

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