The variety, variety of uses, and dual stimulation of rabbit vibrators are what make them so popular. It is crucial to include clitoral stimulation because between 70 and 80 percent of vulva owners do not orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, especially for those who have problems getting to climax.

Prepare to get down with everyone’s favorite toy by grabbing a rabbit vibe (our favorites are listed below).

On top of vibrant red underwear, a hot pink bunny vibrator was lying on the ground. A red wine glass that has spilled over, a pair of bright red sex shoes, and a half-full glass of red wine can all be seen to the left of the bunny vibrator.

Top 5 Best Vibrators for Rabbits

Here are the top 5 Rabbit vibrators, as rated by the devoted consumers of Lion’s Den, based on the best reviews.

2nd Lelo Ina Wave

The ultimate G-spot and dual-clitoral vibrator is the Ina Wave 2. It pivots and curls inside of you to produce a “come hither”-like motion, which rubs and stimulates the G-spot. It doesn’t feel exactly like a finger, but it feels great—possibly even better.

When it strikes the G-spot at a 30-degree angle, the body is specifically shaped to do so, and it is exciting to watch. The entire G-spot area may be massaged with ease with the thick, hard silicone head, and the sensation of the internal wave motion is crazy. The deep, boomy vibrations lusciously stroke you towards pleasure. The Ina Wave will therefore adore you in all the right places with her sensuous dance that wiggles and jiggles both inside and out, whether you are playing alone or with a companion.

A twin motor silicone rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit vibrator is called The One Rabbit. The greatest in satisfaction is the goal of this distinctively formed vibrator! Numerous women now experience much happier vaginal climaxes thanks to the One Rabbit vibes. It has two brand-new, extremely potent motors that vibrate at an incredible 7,500 RPM. It has ten special vibrating features that will give any woman the earth-shattering mixed orgasm she deserves. The One Rabbit also has a rechargeable battery that can be fully charged with its USB connector in just 120 minutes and will give you 100 minutes of intense play time! It is also waterproof and incredibly silent.

Oh My USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator from Fifty Shades Darker

Oh My! A beautifully smooth, contoured Rabbit vibrator called the Fifty Shades Darker Oh My USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator is available. The Oh My Rabbit has 8 patterns and 12 speeds of exhilarating sensations that will have you hopping for more! It has a softly curved shaft to target that G-spot and extra thick, solid bunny ears to tease your clit. Satin storage bag included, travel lock mechanism, and 100% waterproof.

Rabbit Shegasm Pro Thrusting Suction

All the bells and whistles are included in the Shegasm Pro Thrusting Suction Rabbit. It simultaneously pulses, sucks, thrusts, vibrates, and pulses. Talk about mind-blowing!

Enjoy yourself both inside and out! The shaft has a curvature that softly targets your G-spot and has massaging ripples, all while executing a thrusting swivel at one of three speeds. Utilize the clitoral stimulator’s suction sensations to reach new orgasmic heights. The orifice will envelop your clit and propel you toward climax with 7 levels of pressured pulsations.

Luxury Vibe of Soraya 2

The Soraya 2 offers optimum dual-stimulation for both clitoral and G-spot orgasms on a totally new level, making it the most opulent Rabbit vibrator in the entire world. Soraya 2 is the ideal synthesis of power and precision with its opulent appearance and distinctive shape. Limitless pleasure is just a touch away thanks to Sonographic Design, which redefines clitoral stimulation and G-spot sensations. This dual-massager is also softer, smoother, and more flexible than ever before.

Blonde woman with no face, standing beside a wall, sporting a leather skirt and tight peach bodysuit. She has a royal blue Rabbit vibrator in her right hand and a bright magenta Rabbit vibrator in her left.

Use of the Rabbit Vibe

Given all the wacky features, buttons, settings, and actions that some Rabbit vibrators have, using one can be a bit challenging. Here are some pointers to help you get going.

Learn About Your Toy

Before using your vibrator on your vulva, familiarize yourself with all the features and what each button does after you’ve charged it. You don’t want to be fumbling around for buttons or pressing the wrong one in the middle of an orgasm!

Clean It Up

For any insertable sex toy, this goes without saying, but just in case, lubricate it up. Always use lubrication when using toys because they are less slippery than dicks and lack pre-cum to make movement easier.

the Clitoris test

Before inserting your device, try the bunny ears (or clit stimulator) to determine how it feels and the optimal placement.

Get Ideal Position

It’s time to go internal with the insertable portion once you have the clit part sorted out, if you choose. Once more, lubricate it and insert it gradually as it feels secure. Next, concurrently adjust the vibrating dildo portion and clitoral stimulator to the ideal position and angle. Before turning it on, lastly, adjust the shaft and ears to the ideal fit.

Switch it on

You may now switch it on one feature at a time after getting everything in place. Use the buttons to change the functions, patterns, and speeds. Play about a little to see what you prefer. Ideally, you should touch the G-spot or deeper while cuddling the clitoris.

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