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Dongguan Wonder Machines was established in 1995, with a construction area of 16,000 square meters and 120 employees. It mainly produces fully automatic oil presses and new hydraulic oil presses. The company is located in Dongguan, China. After more than 30 years of hard work, our factory has developed into an enterprise team integrating scientific research, development, production and management.

The company started from oil press accessories. After more than 30 years of hard work, the business scope has gradually expanded from various large, medium and small grain and oil single machines to a full set of vegetable oil, animal oil and grain processing production lines. The customer group covers small household users and large grain and oil company investment projects. According to customer needs, screw press manufacturers provide customers with more practical and flexible configuration solutions. The products occupy a stable market in China and are exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and other countries in the world. They are deeply loved and trusted by consumers.

Wonder Machine is a new enterprise emerging from technological innovation. It is a machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating research and innovation, oil extraction testing, and oil extraction equipment production and sales. The company takes innovation and dedication, entrepreneurship and responsibility as its leading ideas, and pragmatic integrity as its operating foundation. After more than ten years of tempering, it has become a rising star and leader in the oil press machinery industry. It has been widely received by customers over the years. Praise. Since the invention of the automatic feeding frying machine in 2000 and the creation of the water-free warm oil squeezing process, after continuous improvement and development, we have now produced six models of 200-600 kg per hour and several electric heating frying machines. New models of products. The screw oil press produced by our company with innovative technology has the advantages of smooth feeding, high pressure, high oil output, sturdiness and durability, no camouflage, etc. There are now more than ten models from 100 to 135, and the output of single machine is from 150-6OOkg per hour is complete. It is improved in many ways on the basis of the old-fashioned screw press. Steel parts are used instead of cast iron to make most parts such as shells and frames, which greatly improves the strength of the machine.

Our recently invented double pressure tank filter with sandwich core overcomes all the drawbacks of oil filter, and will solve the problem of difficult or poor oil cleaning. It has fast oil filtration, fast residue removal, clear oil quality, and no muddy residue. The advantages of oil, no oil spilling, etc. We use the automatic frying machine, oil press and filter to optimize the unit synthetic oil pressing automatic assembly line, using the water-free warm oil pressing process, the oil pressing has the advantages of labor saving, energy saving, high oil output, good oil quality, and good sanitary environment. It has the advantages of small area, easy operation, and high efficiency. There are various types of assembly line equipment with an hourly processing capacity of 150-600kg. All types of assembly lines can be operated by one person, which can produce national standard first-grade peanut oil, dry cakes, and residues. The oil rate can be as low as 4%, the oil output rate of peanut squeezing can reach more than 50%, and the rapeseed can reach 47%. It is an ideal equipment for rural processing households and small and medium-sized oil plants.

The multi-model oil pressing complete set of equipment developed and produced by our company independently is an automatic oil pressing assembly line composed of an automatic frying machine, a screw oil press and a new type of filter. Using the “medium temperature and water-free” oil extraction process to squeeze oil, it can squeeze a variety of oils such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower seeds, etc., with miraculous effects, it will subvert the traditional oil extraction process. Labor saving: a full set of equipment It can be operated by humans, and the work efficiency is increased by 5-10 times compared with the traditional oil extraction process. Energy saving: processing 100 kilograms of peanuts consumes 1.8-3 kilograms of coal and about 2.2 degrees of electricity. It saves 75% of coal. Good oil quality: There is no need for chemical refining, only physical filtration or precipitation to produce the national standard first-class peanut oil. The oil tastes fragrant, fresh and beautiful. It does not foam or smoke. It will not be damaged after 3 years of storage. Squeezed soybean oil has no beany smell. Other squeezed oils also have their own unique flavors and are self-contained. High oil yield: the oil yield of squeezed peanuts can reach 50%, and the residual oil ratio of dried cakes can be as low as 4%. This is a miracle. This equipment also has Concise, compact, small area, good sanitary environment, easy to operate, durable and many other advantages, it is the leading equipment for the oil press industry to enter the modernization.

Our goal is to squeeze oil for human health, save energy for the world, increase income for farmers, and provide users with ideal equipment.

Advanced and excellent equipment is the guarantee for the success of users. Only with your success can we have our market. I sincerely wish to cooperate with you and sincerely wish you success.