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Can small oil press equipment squeeze good oil?

Can small oil press equipment squeeze good oil?

What details should be paid attention to when the small oil press is pressed? Our company has summarized some for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

  • Remove the oil side of the sieve cloth. During inspection, if the screen surface is not horizontal, the length of the left and right arms should be adjusted to make them equal; if the screen body appears torsion, the eccentric wheel shaft can be adjusted to be perpendicular to the frame. If the oil on the surface of the stone mesh is single-sided, the frame can be adjusted to make it level; if the air flow is uneven, the air box of the air box can be adjusted to make the air flow evenly blow to the screen surface. If the net impurity rate is low, replace the brush with a new one or adjust the length of the brush, and adjust the tilt angle of the flat screen.
  • The belt oil cannot be lifted. The main reason is that too much oil accumulates in the lower part of the bucket elevator conveyor, causing blockage. You can open the lower door of the conveyor to clean up the oil accumulation.
  • Uneven steaming in the pot. During the inspection, if the steam injection hole of the steam dryer is blocked or rusted, the steam injection hole should be cleared. If the bottom of the blank paste tank is in the middle, the distance between the scraper and the bottom of the tank can be adjusted; the scraper is twisted and worn, and the scraper should be replaced; when the rough steaming is uneven, the limit switch, contact and floating plate should be adjusted, Make it coordinated.
  • The roller does not rotate when overloaded. The elimination method is: if there is oil between the rollers when starting, loosen the adjusting bolt between the rollers and remove the oil between the rollers; if the feeding amount is too large and the speed is too fast, the board of the feeding port can be closed. If the thickness of the roll blank is not uniform, readjust the gap between the roll blanks and tighten the loose nut.

The quality of a small oil press is determined by the oil output. There are many factors that determine the technical settings of oil production. For the small oil press itself, the pressure and temperature of the pressure chamber are the main factors that affect the performance of the small oil press. The small oil press uses a circulating line, the oil line gap is 150 threads, and the amount of slag is large, which reduces the pressure in the pressure chamber, reduces the oil production rate, and ensures the pressure and profit rate of the pressure chamber. Electronic temperature control technology is adopted to ensure the suitable oil outlet temperature of the pressure chamber, and the different pressure and temperature required by different oil materials can be controlled in time.


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