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Advantages of the screw press to squeeze soybean oil

Recently, the oil press has received many oil press customers to inquire about the oil press equipment. There are many achievements for pressing soybean crops, so the oil press technology department has made a relevant summary on the oil press equipment for pressing soybean crops to facilitate everyone to refer to when purchasing soybean oil presses. 1. Soybean oil is rich in soybean oil, and the three provinces in the northeast, which produce more soybeans, have unique advantages. The land is fertile, and their crops are of good quality and high yield. Users who are not familiar with the oil press equipment will consult the soybean oil press equipment, the oil output rate and cake output of the pressed soybeans. The oil output rate of soybeans is about 17%, and the output of soybean cakes is unusually large. The price of soybean oil has fallen since 2009 to record highs Read more

The background of the rise of new hydraulic oil presses

The background of the rise of the new hydraulic oil press: The vegetable oil production and processing industry in our country is mainly a hand-workshop-style soil press production tool. Since its new establishment, the oil processing machinery industry has been gradually established, and the oil processing industry has achieved long-term development. New hydraulic oil press In the 1960s, my country was able to produce a 95-type oil press. Subsequently, after continuous improvement, the 95A, 95B, ZXloa and Zxlob oil presses were successively introduced. Nowadays, these small oil presses are commonly used oil-making machinery in small oil factories and individual industrial and commercial households. In order to meet the needs of the development of large-scale oil production, there are 200 type (Zx18 type), 202 type (Zx24 type) screw-type oil presses and hydraulic oil presses. Since 1970, the popularization and application of the equipment for preparing fats and oils by solvent leaching Read more

The troubleshooting method of the new screw type hydraulic oil press

Screw oil press manufacturers: the advantages of the new screw type hydraulic oil press: It has the characteristics of high strength, high bearing pressure, no deformation, no blockage, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no slippage, convenient maintenance and long service life. The equipment can be used alone, or multiple units can be used in series. By adjusting the spring pressure or the oil pressure, the slag outlet can change the pressure effect on the material, thereby adjusting the dry humidity of the slag. Due to different materials, the pressure effect will be different. The new screw type hydraulic oil press equipment is mainly composed of the frame, the transmission part of the feed part and the electric control part of the pressing part. The twin screw includes a counter-rotating conveying screw and a pressing screw; In addition to the single-screw press equipped with a feeding device and a backstop device, the Read more

When the new hydraulic oil press starts to squeeze too much material in the initial stage, the mill is repeated to remove the oil residue

The squeezing screw shaft of the new hydraulic oil press is composed of several squeezing screws and pitch rings sleeved on the shaft. Each screw has a certain pitch and depth, and the pitch of each screw on a shaft is gradually shortened from the inlet to the outlet, and the screw depth gradually becomes shallower, so that the volume of the press chamber is gradually changed from the inlet to the outlet. Decrease. After the raw material enters the pressing chamber, it advances along the snail stage to the exit, and the pressure gradually increases, so that the oil is gradually squeezed out. A gasket is installed between the pressing cage and the sliver to form an oil gap. The crude oil flows out through this gap. The new hydraulic oil press is a machine that continuously advances the raw material in the press chamber and extracts crude oil Read more