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Why can domestic oil presses replace traditional oil presses

The household oil press liberated the hazards of waste oil and waste oil, created a more convenient, healthy, and diversified living environment for human beings, and became the necessities of modern family life. With the continuous improvement of life, household oil presses have also become a member of household appliances, and more and more families use this new type of electrical products. With the emergence of food problems such as cooking oil, the health problems of edible oil have been exacerbated. Traditional oil extraction methods can no longer guarantee the provision of high-quality edible oil. Therefore, various brands of household oil presses came into being, and various oil press technologies and appearance designs are also different. Household oil presses also have screw presses. All-smart home oil presses. Screw oil presses are mainly used for processing in rural areas. All-smart home oil presses generally face the majority of households. The cost Read more

Pay attention to the price when buying a fully automatic oil press

When buying a fully automatic oil press, Mo was fascinated by the price. In the market, the automatic oil press is very popular. It can not only squeeze rapeseed, but also squeeze a variety of oil crops such as peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflowers, and cottonseeds. It is a star product for small businesses and edible oil processing plants. In the ocean of oil presses, there are too many manufacturers and the prices are also uneven, leaving users no choice. In this regard, based on years of experience, oil press manufacturers will reveal the reasons for the large price gap between oil presses. 1. Brand. Different manufacturers have different prices. 2. The product’s own material, technology and process are different, its performance and quality will be different, and its price will be different. 3. Some manufacturers win the market through price wars, and some manufacturers pay attention to profit, so the Read more

I bought a fully automatic oil press and I knew how confident I was about the oil I was pressing.

The fully automatic oil press combines traditional pressing principles with modern technology. Compared with ordinary oil presses, it has the advantages of high automation, simple operation, high efficiency, high oil yield, and high product added value. Consumers must consider the price when purchasing a fully automatic oil press, so let’s analyze the price factor The automatic oil press can be used to extract dozens of oilseeds such as rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, corn and so on. The automatic oil press adopts an integrated automatic temperature control system, which can adjust the appropriate temperature according to the different raw materials, with simple operation and simple frying. At the same time, Dongnuo has researched and developed the automatic oil press on this basis, and has developed a cold and hot dual-purpose automatic oil press, which can press oil without frying, and the raw material is directly poured into the machine and squeezed Read more

Non-feeding and clogging phenomenon of new hydraulic oil press

The new hydraulic oil press does not feed and jams, especially for new customers, temporarily unable to find the reasons and treatment methods for the new hydraulic oil press not to feed The screw shaft of the new hydraulic oil press suddenly jams: the feed is too fast and the load increases suddenly; it stops immediately and pours out the cake residue in the press chamber. Uneven steaming in the pot: During inspection, if the steam hole is blocked or corroded, the steam hole should be cleared; if the billet sticks to the bottom of the pot in the middle and lower pot, the distance between the scraper and the bottom of the pot can be adjusted; If the scraper is twisted and worn, the scraper should be replaced; if the blank is not evenly steamed, the limit switch, contact and floating plate should be adjusted to coordinate their actions. Read more

How to maintain the core parts of the automatic oil press

When using a fully automatic oil press, you must pay attention to maintenance, because I think that getting along with the fully automatic oil press is like getting along with people. As long as you pay attention to it and make good use of it, it will do it for you. Press the oil and let you use it for a few years. This is the maintenance method I summarized. Every lubrication part should prevent the intrusion of dust and other impurities, check the quality of the deceleration oil every year, and replace all the oil if it is deteriorated. After working for 50 hours each time, check the lubrication. The oil cup of the reducer should not be short of oil. Adjust the screw inner bearing should add butter from the adjustment screw hole every shift. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited. This is also very important. Don’t let the Read more

How much do you know about phospholipids in edible oil

Speaking of edible oil, how much do you know about the phospholipids in edible oil? 1. What is phospholipid? Phospholipids (PL) is a general term for phosphate-containing lipids, which are widely present in the native materials and biofilms of animal and plant cells, and play an important role in regulating the biological activity of biofilms and the normal metabolism of the body. However, Phospholipid is not alone, its family is huge.Phospholipids are classified into glycerol phosphate and sphingolipids according to their composition. Among them, glycerol phosphate is a derivative of phosphatidic acid (PA), the common ones are lecithin (phosphatidylcholine, PC), cephalin (phosphatidylethanolamine, PE), serine phospholipid (phosphatidyl acid PS), inositol Phospholipids (phosphatidylinositol, PI), phosphatidylglycerol, etc.According to the different main bodies of phospholipids, it can be divided into animal phospholipids and plant phospholipids. The seeds of oil crops mainly contain plant phospholipids. Phospholipids are an important oil companion organism produced in the Read more

Popularization of equipment for preparing oil and fat by solvent leaching method of new hydraulic oil press

The background of the rise of the new hydraulic oil press: my country’s vegetable oil production and processing industry is mainly a manual seminar-style soil press production tool. Since its new establishment, the oil processing machinery industry has been gradually established, and the oil processing industry has been developing for a long time. In the 1960s, China could produce 95 oil presses. Subsequently, after continuous improvement, the 95A, 95B, ZXloa, and Zxlob oil presses were successively introduced. Nowadays, these small oil presses are commonly used oil-making machinery in small oil plants and individual industrial and commercial households. In order to meet the needs of the development of large-scale oil production, there are 200 type (Zx18 type), 202 type (Zx24 type) screw oil presses and hydraulic oil presses. New hydraulic oil press Since 1970, the popularization of equipment for preparing fats and oils by solvent leaching method has caused great changes Read more