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What is the content of forging quality inspection?

The existence of forging defects may affect the processing quality or processing quality of the subsequent processes, and some seriously affect the performance and use of the forgings, and even greatly reduce the service life of the finished parts and endanger safety.

Which factors affect the excellent electroplating quality of zinc alloy die castings?

For zinc alloy die castings to be electroplated surface treatment, this link is very important. If the electroplating is not done well, all the work in the early stage will be wasted. Therefore, we must pay attention to the electroplating process of the product. Then the quality of electroplating is affected by those factors. Carbide die casting summarizes the following for you:

The difference between automatic screw oil press and hydraulic oil press

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about food safety, and edible oil has become the focus of attention. A good oil press is an important equipment in the oil pressing process. Edible oil is an indispensable condiment for our meals. Therefore, the choice of edible oil is very important. More and more families are paying attention to the quality of cooking oil. So what is the difference between a fully automatic screw press and a hydraulic press? The difference between automatic screw oil press and hydraulic oil press: There are many names of oil presses on the market, including automatic oil presses, multi-function oil presses, vacuum oil presses, new oil presses, integrated oil presses, etc. , Actually belongs to the screw press. Because the screw oil press has been squeezed by 3-4 stages, its oil output rate is higher than that of a hydraulic oil press with a single Read more

Is it profitable to press oil with a screw press

Is it profitable to press oil with a screw press? The screw oil press equipment adopts new German technology, selects high-quality steel, carefully manufactured, unique in shape, beautiful and generous, easy to make, single-time squeezing, high oil yield, vacuum filtration, and pure materials. The automatic oil press has pure oil quality and vacuum filters the residue to ensure the pure oil quality and meet the sanitary and quarantine standards. Durable, the machine body is made of wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue castings, with stable performance and long-term continuous work. The watch of the automatic oil press is made by electrostatic spraying of new materials. It has strong adhesion, oil resistance and high temperature resistance, which is both beautiful and clean. Rapeseed oil press is mainly used for oil press for individual processing. This product is a kind of hydraulic screw press, the output is not large, but it is simple and Read more

Why can domestic oil presses replace traditional oil presses

The household oil press liberated the hazards of waste oil and waste oil, created a more convenient, healthy, and diversified living environment for human beings, and became the necessities of modern family life. With the continuous improvement of life, household oil presses have also become a member of household appliances, and more and more families use this new type of electrical products. With the emergence of food problems such as cooking oil, the health problems of edible oil have been exacerbated. Traditional oil extraction methods can no longer guarantee the provision of high-quality edible oil. Therefore, various brands of household oil presses came into being, and various oil press technologies and appearance designs are also different. Household oil presses also have screw presses. All-smart home oil presses. Screw oil presses are mainly used for processing in rural areas. All-smart home oil presses generally face the majority of households. The cost Read more

Can small oil press equipment squeeze good oil?

What details should be paid attention to when the small oil press is pressed? Our company has summarized some for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you. Remove the oil side of the sieve cloth. During inspection, if the screen surface is not horizontal, the length of the left and right arms should be adjusted to make them equal; if the screen body appears torsion, the eccentric wheel shaft can be adjusted to be perpendicular to the frame. If the oil on the surface of the stone mesh is single-sided, the frame can be adjusted to make it level; if the air flow is uneven, the air box of the air box can be adjusted to make the air flow evenly blow to the screen surface. If the net impurity rate is low, replace the brush with a new one or adjust the length of the brush, Read more

Multifunctional oil press can meet your production needs

Seeing such a topic, many people will refute, what is the difference between automatic feeding and pressing process? This is a question questioned by many users. In fact, this is a very good answer. Today, I will discuss with you one by one. The multi-function oil press can fully meet your production needs. After automation enters agricultural machinery, many agricultural machinery are facing transformation and automation. The multifunctional oil press was developed under such a historical background, but there are still many old-fashioned models that produce round rows as the standard. Realize the improvement of automation, but after years of improvement, to be precise, the change means that the effect of squeezing the raw materials can not be fully realized at one time. Because this oil press machine itself has many problems, the core thing is the oil line gap on the outer circle of the press, and the old Read more

How to extend the storage time limit of peanut oil

The edible peanut oil squeezed and filtered by the oil press is prone to deterioration if the storage method is improper. The deteriorated peanut oil has a strong stimulating effect on the human intestines and stomach after consumption, and may even cause poisoning. In order to prevent the deterioration of peanut oil, the screw press manufacturers recommend the following measures to extend the shelf life of peanut oil: 1. Choose a storage container for peanut oil reasonably. When there is a lot of oil, try to eat ceramic jars, and try to eat the container with a small diameter; when the oil is low, you can choose a dark glass bottle that does not transmit light. After the oil is full, the mouth of the bottle should be sealed to isolate the oil from the air to prevent the edible oil from oxidizing and deteriorating. How to remove aflatoxin in Read more

Problems to be paid attention to when operating the small oil press

Only by mastering certain skills in the operation and processing of the small oil press can the oil extraction rate be improved. However, if the various machinery in the combined equipment fails to be eliminated in time, it will also affect the oil extraction capacity, but don’t worry, users can eliminate it according to the following methods: 1. The belt is lubricated without material lifting. The main reason is that too much oil accumulates in the lower part of the conveyor of the bucket elevator, causing blockage. You can open the plate door at the lower part of the conveyor to remove the accumulated oil. 2. The sieve cloth oil is taken unilaterally. During inspection, if the screen surface is not horizontal, the length of the left and right booms should be adjusted to make them equal; if the screen body is twisted, the eccentric wheel shaft can be adjusted Read more