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How to extend the storage time limit of peanut oil

How to extend the storage time limit of peanut oil

The edible peanut oil squeezed and filtered by the oil press is prone to deterioration if the storage method is improper. The deteriorated peanut oil has a strong stimulating effect on the human intestines and stomach after consumption, and may even cause poisoning. In order to prevent the deterioration of peanut oil, the screw press manufacturers recommend the following measures to extend the shelf life of peanut oil:

  • 1. Choose a storage container for peanut oil reasonably. When there is a lot of oil, try to eat ceramic jars, and try to eat the container with a small diameter; when the oil is low, you can choose a dark glass bottle that does not transmit light. After the oil is full, the mouth of the bottle should be sealed to isolate the oil from the air to prevent the edible oil from oxidizing and deteriorating. How to remove aflatoxin in peanut oil, please see related reports. In daily life, people are accustomed to using plastic or metal bottles to hold edible oil, which is actually very unhealthy, because metal molecules and plasticizers in plastic can accelerate the rancidity and deterioration of edible oil.
  • 2. Store the peanut oil in the new hydraulic oil press to prevent high temperatures. The storage temperature is 10℃—15℃, and generally should not exceed 25℃. Therefore, it is not suitable for storage in summer. Yuantong Machinery recommends buying freshly pressed peanut oil as much as possible, and eating fresh oil frequently. In addition, it should be noted that no water can be mixed into the cooking oil, otherwise it will easily emulsify the oil and become turbid and deteriorate. You can also add hot oil to the oil in a ratio of 40:1 to absorb water.
  • 3. The storage container should be placed in a cool, dark, dry and low temperature place. As the ultraviolet and infrared rays in sunlight can accelerate the oxidation of oils and accelerate the generation of harmful substances, the containers used to store oil should minimize the contact with air and sunlight.
  • 4. Prevent oxidative deterioration of peanut oil. If the unit distributes or presents more edible oil to relatives and friends, it can delay or prevent the oxidative deterioration of the edible oil.

The above is some of the contents introduced by the screw press manufacturer, I hope everyone will help.


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