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How to maintain the core parts of the automatic oil press

How to maintain the core parts of the automatic oil press

When using a fully automatic oil press, you must pay attention to maintenance, because I think that getting along with the fully automatic oil press is like getting along with people. As long as you pay attention to it and make good use of it, it will do it for you. Press the oil and let you use it for a few years. This is the maintenance method I summarized.

Every lubrication part should prevent the intrusion of dust and other impurities, check the quality of the deceleration oil every year, and replace all the oil if it is deteriorated. After working for 50 hours each time, check the lubrication. The oil cup of the reducer should not be short of oil. Adjust the screw inner bearing should add butter from the adjustment screw hole every shift. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited.

This is also very important. Don’t let the equipment stop and check in order to squeeze more oil. This will cost you more than stopping and checking.

When the pressing capacity is reduced and the cake or oil output is abnormal, the pressing screw should be pulled out to check whether the pressing screw, pressing bar, and cake ring are worn out, and replace the worn parts. After each completion, be sure to remove the residue inside the machine and clean up the dust and grease on the surface of the machine. If you are not using it temporarily, you can perform a maintenance on the machine first, then disassemble and wash the snails, squeezed strips, and cake rings, re-paint the oil, and use the standby device after it is dry.

The fully automated oil press is also a thing of life and a thing of gratitude, so when we use it, we must pay attention to their feelings! Repairing is an important step of the machine. It is hoped that people who are helpful to the machine can repair the machine correctly so as not to suffer losses.


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