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Maintenance skills of large-scale peanut oil automatic oil press equipment

Maintenance skills of large-scale peanut oil automatic oil press equipment

Maintenance skills of large-scale peanut automatic oil press equipment.

In recent years, many domestic oil production companies have also changed their original concept of underestimating the quality of production equipment in order to save investment. They have shown great improvement in the equipment level of oil production equipment. The oil industry is gradually getting rid of traditional production equipment. Rough situation, striding forward to the level of modern production equipment. The following editor will take you to find out, I hope it will be helpful to you.

Automatic oil press equipment has the advantages of independent innovation, independent research and development, and the introduction of refining technology. The new physical refining technology and economic indicators have reached the domestic and foreign level, and it has the advantages of low investment, good quality, fast income, good technology, environmental protection and cleanliness. It does not pollute the environment, and the quality and yield of the extracted oil are very high.

The main advantage of the automatic oil press is the high oil output rate. At present, the oil is extracted by pressing and spiral methods in China. The residual oil rate in the cake is more than 5%. Due to the low temperature, the protein content in the meal is high, the quality is good, and the use value is high. , Can be widely used in food raw materials.

The production process of an edible vegetable oil factory includes raw material procurement, transportation, reception, storage, raw material cleaning, shelling and peeling, drying, blank preparation, crude oil preparation, refining, modification, modulation, storage, measurement packaging, finished product storage, and product distribution Wait. Oil processing mainly includes oil preparation and oil refining. The process used in the preparation of fats is to separate the fats from the plant tissues. Commonly used methods are squeezing and dipping. Oil is refined to obtain refined oil, and chemical refining is a common refining process in the oil processing industry.

The automatic oil press is a continuous oil-making equipment. It uses organic solvents to dissolve oil and sprays after immersion in water, so that the oil in the oil can be effectively extracted.

Fully automatic oil press equipment is a production equipment with excellent process and mechanical properties. It is a prerequisite for continuous, effective and stable operation of production. It also plays an important role in improving the quality of products.

Both foreign oil and fat production enterprises and domestic foreign-funded enterprises attach great importance to oil and fat equipment, and the equipment level of production equipment is usually very high.


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