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Multifunctional oil press can meet your production needs

Multifunctional oil press can meet your production needs

Seeing such a topic, many people will refute, what is the difference between automatic feeding and pressing process? This is a question questioned by many users. In fact, this is a very good answer. Today, I will discuss with you one by one. The multi-function oil press can fully meet your production needs.

After automation enters agricultural machinery, many agricultural machinery are facing transformation and automation. The multifunctional oil press was developed under such a historical background, but there are still many old-fashioned models that produce round rows as the standard. Realize the improvement of automation, but after years of improvement, to be precise, the change means that the effect of squeezing the raw materials can not be fully realized at one time. Because this oil press machine itself has many problems, the core thing is the oil line gap on the outer circle of the press, and the old gear-shaped circular row is the main process. Although this process has been historically and in terms of service life Occupies a certain advantage, but there is no advantage in terms of pressing pressure and propulsion force. Models can only be automated from other places to find a way, and the automatic upgrade function has become its life-saving straw.

The automatic lifting mentioned here is not to automatically lift the raw materials, but to lift the material that has been pressed once but does not form a cake or there is still a lot of residual oil in the cake again to return to the press chamber and the material undergoes a second pressing, and The process does not need to be operated manually, which is the automatic promotion function of the cold pressing change.

The design is scientific, the structure is reasonable, the operation is simple and stable, and it only takes a few minutes from the feeding to the finished oil. All-purpose squeezing machine for multiple purposes: can squeeze peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, tea seed, tung seed, castor, almond, flax seed, safflower oil seed, evening primrose seed and other oils crop. Precisely made and excellent material: it is made of high-carbon steel after high temperature quenching and heat-resistant treatment, with high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, stable performance, and the service life of the oil press can reach more than 30 years. Reasonable squeezing chamber and high oil yield: The principle of multi-stage pressurization is adopted to increase the pressure of the squeezing chamber, which can be squeezed out at one time, which greatly improves the oil yield. Compared with traditional equipment, it can increase by 2-5 percentage points.

Fine filtration and squeezing integration: adopting a variety of fine filtration system devices to realize the integration of squeezing and filtering, improve the vigilance of the automation degree of the oil press, and solve the problem of oil purification.


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