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Pay attention to the price when buying a fully automatic oil press

Pay attention to the price when buying a fully automatic oil press

When buying a fully automatic oil press, Mo was fascinated by the price. In the market, the automatic oil press is very popular. It can not only squeeze rapeseed, but also squeeze a variety of oil crops such as peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflowers, and cottonseeds. It is a star product for small businesses and edible oil processing plants. In the ocean of oil presses, there are too many manufacturers and the prices are also uneven, leaving users no choice. In this regard, based on years of experience, oil press manufacturers will reveal the reasons for the large price gap between oil presses.

  • 1. Brand. Different manufacturers have different prices.
  • 2. The product’s own material, technology and process are different, its performance and quality will be different, and its price will be different.
  • 3. Some manufacturers win the market through price wars, and some manufacturers pay attention to profit, so the price will be relatively higher.
  • 4. Cost. The price of raw materials is different in different regions, and the labor cost and transportation will have a certain impact on the price of the oil press. Moreover, if it is tax-included, the price will be relatively higher. Therefore, when buying an oil press, you should consult Be clear and avoid unnecessary disputes.

When buying a fully automatic oil press, there are many factors that affect the price. The high price is not necessarily good, and the low price is not necessarily poor quality. Various factors must be considered comprehensively, and the key is quality. Our company’s automatic oil press is of good quality and high oil yield. Although the price is a bit more expensive, although the moment you buy it is unhappy, you will be happy every day after you use it. The editor reminds consumers that they should keep their eyes open when buying an oil press, and they should not be fascinated by the price.


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