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Popularization of equipment for preparing oil and fat by solvent leaching method of new hydraulic oil press

Popularization of equipment for preparing oil and fat by solvent leaching method of new hydraulic oil press

The background of the rise of the new hydraulic oil press: my country’s vegetable oil production and processing industry is mainly a manual seminar-style soil press production tool. Since its new establishment, the oil processing machinery industry has been gradually established, and the oil processing industry has been developing for a long time.

In the 1960s, China could produce 95 oil presses. Subsequently, after continuous improvement, the 95A, 95B, ZXloa, and Zxlob oil presses were successively introduced. Nowadays, these small oil presses are commonly used oil-making machinery in small oil plants and individual industrial and commercial households.

In order to meet the needs of the development of large-scale oil production, there are 200 type (Zx18 type), 202 type (Zx24 type) screw oil presses and hydraulic oil presses.

New hydraulic oil press Since 1970, the popularization of equipment for preparing fats and oils by solvent leaching method has caused great changes in the fat and oil preparation industry in my country. It is an efficient chemical extraction method for preparing fats and oils.

Until 1980, in terms of oil extraction technology and equipment, mainly intermittent production technology and equipment, edible vegetable oil products were mainly national standard second-grade oil and national standard first-grade oil.

After 1980, with the rapid development of China’s economy, oil extraction technology also developed to a mechanized and continuous mass production method. The new hydraulic oil press is now processing and producing vegetable oil. It is a fully continuous automatic production line and intermittent production coexist. Edible oil products have gradually shifted to cooking oil, salad oil, blended oil, hydrogenated oil, margarine, shortening and other fat production, and there has also been a great development.


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