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Automatic hydraulic oil press

The fully automatic hydraulic oil press is mainly used for the oil press for individual processing. This product is a kind of hydraulic screw fully automatic oil press, the output is not large, but it is simple and convenient. The main product is a screw press. There are also screw oil presses for cold pressing, which are relatively inexpensive, but the oil yield is not high. Just as Rizhongtian is a fully automatic screw oil press, it is a domestic technology introduced in Korea more than ten years ago, with vacuum filtration and automatic temperature control. The product oil is of good quality. The taste is fragrant and the oil yield is still high. It is mainly used for processing in rural areas. Or it is used for on-site processing in urban areas, so that it seems that the production is more transparent and makes customers more assured. It is of great benefit to the development of business. Many regions operate according to this model, and the profits are quite substantial.

Full-automatic hydraulic oil press is commonly known as full-automatic screw press. The equipment is mainly composed of hydraulic and press.

Almost all oil crops can be pressed by a small oil press. Including peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflower, rapeseed, walnuts, cottonseed, etc.

Especially peanut oil and sesame oil, because the price is more expensive. There are often counterfeit and leached oils on the market, which are not good for health. Therefore, the on-site processing method meets the needs of users who value genuine products at a reasonable price. It is the main way of use in urban areas.

When the oil press is running, the processed oil enters the press chamber from the hopper. The raw material is continuously pushed inward by the squeezing screw for squeezing. Because the material embryo is in motion in the press chamber of the oil press, under the condition of high pressure in the press chamber, a great frictional resistance is generated between the material embryo and the snail, and the material embryo and the press chamber. It can cause friction between the micro-materials of the embryonic material and cause relative movement. On the other hand, because the diameter of the root circle of the snail is gradually increased and the pitch is gradually reduced, when the snail is rotated, the thread-strengthened blank can be pushed forward and turned outward, and it is close to the screw thread at the same time. The surface material layer also rotates with the press shaft.

In this way, each embryo particle in the press chamber does not move at the same speed and in the same direction, but there is also relative movement between the particles. The heat generated by friction satisfies the heat necessary for the operation of the oil extraction process, which helps to promote thermal denaturation of the protein in the raw material, destroys the colloid, increases the plasticity, and reduces the viscosity of some oils, which is easy to precipitate. The oil output rate of the oil press is improved, so that the oil in the material is squeezed out and flows out from the gaps in the circular row and the gap in the row.

Automatic hydraulic oil press
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