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Centrifugal oil filter

Centrifugal oil filter is a method of using centrifugal force to separate suspended magazines. When working, the centrifugal force of a high-speed rotating drum separates impurities and oil to achieve liquid-solid separation. When the drum stops rotating, the net oil flows out from the drum. , To achieve the purpose of filtering oil, the oil quality after filtering can be used for edible experiments at that time, without frothing and overflowing the pot.

Application fields of centrifugal oil filter:

The centrifugal oil filter is aimed at small oil mills and other users, supporting screw oil presses, hydraulic oil presses are suitable for cold pressing, hot pressing and other rapeseed oil and peanut oil and other crude oils to clarify and filter, and the filtered oil can reach No foaming, less oily smoke, and no sediment.

Installation and use method of centrifugal oil filter:

  • 1. An anchor bolt hole has been designed on the sole of the centrifugal oil filter.
  • 2. When installing the oil filter, it is required to pour the concrete foundation, the ground is solid and flat, and the ground is solid and smooth, and the base surface and the oil filter footing board should be padded with rubber or wood without leaving a gap, and then tighten the foot bolts.
  • 3. Turn on the power. When the motor is running normally, pour the mixed crude oil into the leaking hopper and run for 2-4 minutes. After the power is turned off and the drum stops rotating, the pure oil will automatically flow out of the tubing.
  • 4. When cleaning the oil residue, open the quick-release screw, open the upper cover, and use a shovel to clean the oil residue on the barrel wall.
  • 5. After a period of time, open the cover on the outer barrel, unscrew the bolts of the inner barrel oil pan, then lift the mouth of the inner barrel upwards, clean the overflowing fine slag from the inner bottom of the outer barrel, and then install the inner barrel.
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Centrifugal Oil Filter