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Sesame Oil Press

About sesame oil extraction:

Sesame oil is also called sesame oil and sesame oil. It is a fat that is consumed in daily life. It is extracted from sesame seeds. There are two methods for squeezing sesame oil: the traditional water method and the current squeezing method. The process we are talking about today for pressing sesame oil is the pressing method. Choose a screw press or a hydraulic press for pressing sesame oil? Here, our company recommends hydraulic oil presses based on feedback from users. According to feedback from most users, the hydraulically pressed sesame oil is more clear and translucent.

Sesame oil is a relatively special oil. Whether it is traditional or current pressing methods, it needs to be fried before being pressed. It needs to stimulate the fragrance of the oil in the oil, so it is called “sesame oil.” In other words, sesame oil can only be pressed hot and not cold. Sesame oil can choose a fully automatic hydraulic oil press or a screw oil press.


Introduction of sesame oil press:

The automatic hydraulic oil press is a small oil press with simple operation in mechanical oil press, high oil yield, and less replacement of wearing parts. It is currently an advanced equipment that replaces the manual operation of small grinding sesame oil. –20 kg/time), short time (3-5 minutes/time), especially suitable for the consumer psychology of large and medium-sized urban residents to spend money to buy real goods (one oil is input, one sesame oil is pressed), and rural towns can guarantee the supply of materials from the countryside Fast processing (you get your own oil for your own oil), people say you can rest assured.


The hydraulic oil press mainly processes oil crops: sesame, walnut kernel, peanut kernel, pine nut, almond and other high-oil crops.


The composition of sesame oil press:

The whole machine is mainly composed of three parts:

1. The main body part: it is composed of the bottom plate, the column, the upper plate, the press assembly, the oil pan, the nut and other parts. It is one of the main parts of the whole machine. The oil is in the press assembly and consists of the oil cylinder. The force of the assembly advances upwards, and the oil flows down from the squeezing oil gap, through the oil pan to the oil storage barrel.

2. Transmission hydraulic part:

This is the main working power source for this machine to produce high oil rate. It is composed of transmission shaft, worm gear, worm, gear pump, high pressure pump, overflow valve, manual valve, cylinder assembly, pipe joints and other parts. This machine adopts the world’s advanced hydraulic pump station-South Korea’s three-piston pump station. Compared with the domestic two-piston pump, it has lower speed, higher oil pressure and high temperature resistance. It can work continuously without cooling device when the oil temperature is above 65 degrees. .

3. Electrical control part: This is the advanced part of this machine. It is composed of components such as motor, voltmeter, temperature control gauge, pressure gauge, power supply insurance and so on.

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