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Screw oil press manufacturers teach you how to skin care

Screw oil press manufacturers teach you how to skin care

Grape seed oil can be used for beauty, do you know how to beautify? The following screw press manufacturers will teach you how to use grape seed oil for beauty.

Spiral oil press manufacturers say that grape seed extract has strong antioxidant capacity, can delay aging and prevent arteriosclerosis. It is also known as skin vitamins and is rich in vitamin C. Among them, phenolic anthocyanins are based on their fat-soluble and water-soluble properties. Sex, with whitening effect. It can deeply protect the skin and protect it from environmental pollution; speed up the metabolism, promote the shedding of dead skin, prevent melanin precipitation; repair the function of cell membrane and cell wall, promote cell regeneration, and restore skin elasticity.

The skin care method of grape seed oil extracted from grape seed oil refining equipment:

(1) Grape seed whitening skin care: first clean the facial skin, and then gently massage the skin with grape seed oil, so that the skin can obtain a good moisturizing effect after fully absorbing the grape seed oil, and at the same time lock the moisture; in addition, the grape seed oil also It can help remove the dirt hidden in the skin and make the skin smooth, soft and elastic.

(2) Grape seed oil removes skin dirt and bacteria everywhere. In real life, the skin damage is very great together. The screw oil press manufacturer recommends that friends can take a bath with grape seed oil and start taking a bath. Grape seed oil mixed with water, combined with massage techniques, can help remove dirt on the skin, relieve fatigue, help skin moisturizing and elasticity, and promote the vitality of skin cells throughout the body. Showering with grape seeds has a moisturizing and beautifying effect.

(3) Grape seed oil eliminates eye bags: We know that once people have enough sleep, they are prone to dark circles and eye bags. After the proposal, use a hot towel to warm the eye area, apply the correct amount of grape seed oil around the eyes, and massage slowly On the one hand, it can help eliminate eye spots, but also help eyelashes, and nutrition can help eyelashes darken.


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