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The troubleshooting method of the new screw type hydraulic oil press

The troubleshooting method of the new screw type hydraulic oil press

Screw oil press manufacturers: the advantages of the new screw type hydraulic oil press:

It has the characteristics of high strength, high bearing pressure, no deformation, no blockage, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no slippage, convenient maintenance and long service life. The equipment can be used alone, or multiple units can be used in series.

By adjusting the spring pressure or the oil pressure, the slag outlet can change the pressure effect on the material, thereby adjusting the dry humidity of the slag. Due to different materials, the pressure effect will be different.

The new screw type hydraulic oil press equipment is mainly composed of the frame, the transmission part of the feed part and the electric control part of the pressing part. The twin screw includes a counter-rotating conveying screw and a pressing screw;

In addition to the single-screw press equipped with a feeding device and a backstop device, the screw is divided into a feeding screw, a pressing screw and an extrusion screw.

Causes and troubleshooting of the failure of the new hydraulic oil press.

If the surface pressure does not rise or the high pressure does not rise, something is sucked into the pump, and the steel ball in the oil inlet valve cannot be restored to its original position. Remove debris from the pump and replace with clean hydraulic oil. There is air in the low pressure pump. Disassemble the gear pump oil pipe, start the main engine, make the oil outlet pipe discharge oil, and reset it again. If the oil seal in the hydraulic cylinder is damaged, replace it with a new one.

The oil pipe joint is leaking and the seal is not tight. Replace with a new seal and tighten the bolts. The pump piston is severely worn, replace it with a new one.


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