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What factors are related to the oil output rate of the screw press?

What factors are related to the oil output rate of the screw press?

The screw oil press is a machine that uses the function of mechanical screw pressing to squeeze the oil out by increasing the temperature and activating the oil molecules. The complete set includes: screw oil press, hydraulic oil press, centrifugal oil filter, frying pan, etc.

A good screw oil press can save users a lot of trouble in oil processing. When buying the machine, first check whether the appearance of the screw press is flat, check whether the parts of the machine are missing, and then turn the large pulley by hand to make it more Make a few turns to check whether there is any foreign matter such as iron blocks in the press cylinder, and pay attention to whether the gear meshing in the gear box is normal.

Different oils have different pretreatment process requirements. The working principle of the screw oil press is that when the oil press equipment is running, the power is transmitted to the main shaft after deceleration, the oil press screw installed on the main shaft rotates, and the oil between the threads is continuously pushed forward.

As the space between the oil press and the oil screw is gradually reduced, the density of the oil increases and the pressure gradually increases. During the squeezing process, friction occurs between oil particles and between the oil and the parts, generating heat, which constitutes the two major factors of pressure and heat in the oil squeezing process, and destroys the cell structure of the oil tissue. The oil overflows from the oil line, and the cake is pushed out between the oil pressing cone and the cake outlet.

When the spilled oil flows into the filter barrel through the oil pan, the vacuum pump draws out the air in the barrel, and a negative pressure is formed in the barrel. The oil is drawn into the barrel through the filter cloth, and the oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth. oil.

High oil output rate of oil press equipment: The screw oil press adopts the directional oil pressing method, which has been pushed for many times, and the oil output rate is continuously improved.

Advantages of oil press equipment output: strengthen the feeding device, strengthen the pressing speed, and greatly increase the processing raw materials.

Automatic temperature control device for oil press equipment: using electronic program, scientific heating, fully automatic temperature control pressing.

Automatic filtration of oil pressing equipment: Utilizes the principle of air hydraulic pressure, adopts vacuum separation technology, and is equipped with a filter, which greatly improves the quality and color of the oil.

The equipment of the oil press is simple: the fully automatic screw press has a fine structure, less land, and simple and convenient operation.


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