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What should I do if the oil press slags into pieces?

What should I do if the oil press slags into pieces?

Screw oil press manufacturers: what to do if the oil press slags into pieces? The oil press slags into flakes. Generally, the element discharge wire of the oil press is not compacted, or the element discharge is severely worn, resulting in flake-like appearance in the abrasion area of ​​the oil eye. When operating the machine, you should pay attention to the strength to avoid bad or too mature oil, and the output will drop significantly. After the row and row, 2-5 yuan of slag is drained, indicating that the accessories need to be replaced.

If the oil has poor plasticity, it will be difficult to produce cakes, which will increase the pressure in the press chamber of the oil press, which will also cause slag to emerge. For oils that are not well pressed, water can be appropriately increased, and the temperature of the press can be increased to increase its plasticity. Generally speaking, when the oil is squeezed, pretreatments such as frying and sieving are carried out to change the moisture and temperature of the oil to achieve appropriate conditions for oil extraction.

Precautions for screw press manufacturers:

  • 1. The operator reads the manual carefully before operation.
  • 2. It is forbidden for foreign objects to enter the pressing hall, forbidden to enter the hopper with hands and hard objects to transfer materials, and forbid the cake to be discharged.
  • 3. When adjusting the thickness of the cake, do not move too hard, so as to avoid the sharp end contacting the cake ring, which may cause the machine to jam or damage the parts.
  • 4. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave the scene.
  • 5. When the machine is running, please do not get close to the leaking running parts to avoid safety accidents.
  • 6. Pay special attention: When the bearing inside the thread head of the spindle assembly is stuck, it will cause the thread head to rotate, and the adjustment handle will hurt people. Therefore, when the machine is running, people must leave the thread head handle to avoid accidents.

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